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“ Workday employees cycled from Dublin to London to raise money for charity. I think I did about 15 miles - it’s all about giving as much as you can whilst having fun.”

What was your university and programme?

I studied at National College of Ireland. The Msc. in Cloud Computing (Infrastructure as a Service) fit my interests perfectly. During my B.Eng Computer Science & Engineering in India, I got interested in Cloud Computing and did an internship in a tech consultancy which does cloud implementations, so I knew the course would be right for me.

What do you like about your current job? (What do you do each day?)

I like the dynamic nature of my current position. I maintain the internal environments of Workday’s customers by upgrading, patching and configuring their environments whenever the production is changing. With the Environments organisation, there are new challenges each day as we uptake all the new services that are being developed and integrated with the Workday stack. Environments is a great team to be in, as there are a lot of opportunities to network and socialise too. Recently we hosted a floor party with a Hollywood theme to showcase to other teams what our department does and how to work better together.

What skills/technologies have you learned since you came to Workday?

I learned Linux during my Masters, and I use this on a daily basis. Since coming to Workday I have learned Bash scripting, server automation tools and other components of the Workday stack. I’ve had the opportunity to attend a Women In Tech conference, and I also participated in our Future Females in Tech event at Workday, helping younger women understand the careers on offer.

What's been your favorite event at Workday since you started?

All events are well organised and fun, but my favourite was an electric bike cycle for charity, where some Workday employees virtually cycled from Dublin to London to raise money for charity. I think I did about 15 miles - it’s all about giving as much as you can whilst having fun.

Tell us about your interview process - do you remember the kinds of questions you were asked? Was it difficult?

The interview process was very candidate friendly. I remember a few questions, but mostly they were all based on my CV and background. There were lots of questions about my hobby, table tennis. I have played professional table tennis in India, so the team were excited about bringing my skills to Workday where we have table tennis tournaments!

Workday was also flexible with my start date, allowing me to go home and see my parents in the summer before starting as a graduate in the autumn.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

I see myself being in charge of a Workday product and I am taking the relevant steps to get into Product Management. The managers are so supportive, and the company promotes the idea of agile careers and moving internally, so I definitely see myself still in Workday.

How was your first month in the job?

Challenging! But there was an amazing mentor to guide me, and the team were very welcoming. In the first few weeks, I started in the Operations Centre  - from day one my mentor was awesome and really took care of us. I had a thousand questions but he provided me with so much coaching. It was scary as a graduate going into the Ops Centre as it felt like a lot of responsibility, but I was trusted and coached to learn on the job.

I was also invited to a lunch with Chris Byrne, our Senior Vice President of Global Operations, during my first month. It was amazing to hear from such a successful and inspirational woman and to see that Workday was such a flat-structured organisation. Chris has time for everyone, from our new interns to our senior hires.

What advice would you give to graduates looking for a job at Workday?

Be yourself, be confident and prepare well. Workday actually came to a careers fair at my college and were doing interviews in the autumn, so I gave my resume and did my first round interview right there at the fair. Be very approachable and friendly to the company, they are looking for good talent and you could meet your future employer just by talking to someone at a career fair.