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“We’re all here to have fun and help each other to build the best product possible.”


What was your university and programme?

I studied Computer Systems at the University of Limerick, graduating in 2017.

What do you like about your current job? (What do you do each day?)

I’m currently on a tools rotation programme, which I started after finishing university. We get to spend three months on a number of different teams that work on the technical stack in Workday. It’s a great way to see all the sides of the business that make up a software company and find out which part of the stack you would like to work on long-term. It’s not obvious the vast number of teams that exist while you’re in university so it’s a great way to discover them. Another advantage to the rotation is it’s a great way to integrate into the company and get to know loads of new people from early on, something that mightn’t be as easy when staying based on one team. Every day involves learning and working on new things. From your first day, you’re a valued member of your team. Your ideas and opinions are heard and taken into account while you’re given important yet reachable responsibility from the start.

What skills/technologies have you learned since you came to Workday?

I’ve learned an incredible amount since I’ve joined. The rotation programme helps prep you for being a full stack engineer so over the first year we get an intro to many different technologies used within Workday. Having interned in Pipeline Engineering which looks after the continuous integration environment in Workday, I’ve since rotated on an Application Development team, a Performance and Scalability team, and worked as an ESB Integration DevOps Engineer. Each of these roles has involved using completely different technologies to the others, allowing me to constantly learn technologies that are new to me.

Every month the graduate's team host a skills development session to help improve various aspects of your personal and professional development. I also host a monthly session that brings in managers across various Workday teams to talk to those on the rotation programme to help improve our domain knowledge skills. As with the software industry though, you need to constantly keep learning and there is still loads more to learn!

What's been your favourite event at Workday since you started?

Luckily I’ve loads to choose from, but my favourite so far has to be either the Christmas party or the summer fair. We had our last Christmas party in the Guinness Storehouse which was very cool and a lot of fun. Every August, Workday have a summer fair which is carnival themed. Somehow we manage to get good weather for it and it’s a time when the whole office hangs out, eating, drinking, and playing the various games and activities that have been set up.

Tell us about your interview process - do you remember the kinds of questions you were asked? Was it difficult?

I first joined as an intern so my interviews were carried out with that in mind. It was mostly talking about myself and my hobbies, the subjects I studied and the projects I worked on as part of my course in UL, and finally a few technical questions. The technical questions involved solving some coding challenges based on Java as that was my best programming language at the time.

What’s next in your career?

I’ve always debated whether I would like to become a manager or not in the future. I’m still unsure. For now, I want to progress as much as I can as an engineer. Through my internships and the rotation programme I’ve found that DevOps is the area that suits me best and the one that I’m most passionate about. This is a constantly changing area of the business as new, better technologies and methods are constantly being introduced and adapted so it’s a consistent learning curve. DevOps is a relatively new area, so putting my stamp on that side of the technical stack in Workday is a huge goal of mine. I look at respected engineers that have worked here or in other companies with 5, 10, 20 years of experience and they’re a great source of knowledge and expertise. They once started where I am, so to be in their position in the future is where I aim to be.

How was your first month in the job?

It couldn’t have been better! The first few days were spent receiving presentations on potential rotation teams from different managers. We have rotation colleagues in California, so within our first week, we were on a plane to spend two months in the Californian sun in the Bay Area. We went over to meet the rest of our cohort to receive training in a Workday proprietary software language which makes up part of the technical stack, that we would use in our first rotation.

What advice would you give to graduates looking for a job at Workday?

Apply! Immediately. We’re constantly hiring, particularly in the Dublin office so have a look at what jobs are on offer at the moment and find what suits you best. I can’t speak highly enough of the culture and working environment within the company. We’re all here to have fun and help each other to build the best product possible. I’ve been told we’re also one of the few software companies that actually play with the Xbox, pool table and table tennis tables in the office.