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“Everything you do at Workday is for a clear reason - a lot of work I have done is already live. Even as an intern, I was developing tools that directly benefit the team.”


What was your university and programme?

I studied BSc Computing at the National College of Ireland, specialising in Cloud in my final year. In 3rd year I had the opportunity to do an 8-month internship in Workday, working in the Build Engineering team.The internship interview was relaxed and informal -  it was a conversation with the hiring manager and the tech lead, and was a good chat.

What do you like about your current job? (What do you do each day?)

I work in the Cloud Engineering team. We manage the openstack infrastructure that gives our engineers platforms to deploy their services in. We use bare metal servers to virtualise environments. The job is constantly changing, and I really like that no two days are the same as there is so much to learn. I get exposed to a lot of systems and networks on the platform. My team work in two week sprints - I could be working with storage one day, networking the next, working on automating software upgrades, monitoring etc.

The work we do is fast-paced, so we have daily standups and bi-weekly reviews to ensure that the team are working well together and feel supported. We work closely with the US team, so would also have bi-weekly demos with them to share work and catch up. Every evening we would pass work over to the American team, so strong communication on the team is key.

What skills/technologies have you learnt since you came to Workday?

So much! My degree was mostly java-based, but since joining Workday I’ve learned a lot more about Linux systems, Ruby, Chef, Python. There’s so much opportunity to learn.

What's been your favourite event at Workday since you started?

Workday has a lot of social events. I really enjoyed the summer party - the sun came out, and there was a carnival, food, drink, games and music. Within my team we do a lot of fun team-building activities as well, everything from zipwires, go-karting, to taking out our friends from the US for food when they visit Dublin.

Does Workday support your career aspirations?

Yes - the managers are always ensuring you are engaged and enjoying your work, and you get to speak openly with your manager every week in 1 to 1 meetings. There are also opportunities to travel with work and to to conferences such as OpenStack summits etc. My team presented at a summit in Sydney last year, so I’m working up to presenting at one in the future.

In the next few years I’d like to progress to be a senior software engineer. I’m interested in staying on technical side of things. I’ve already been involved in cross-team critical projects and I enjoy that type of collaboration.

How was your first month in the job?

I started off on the Graduate Tools rotation, which allowed me to spend 2.5 months in our California headquarters. I flew straight to San Francisco two days after joining, which was an amazing experience. I was in training for the first month in our proprietary language and met a lot of US graduates during that. Being in the US was great, they had a lot of socialising and events for us. I liked the Cantinas After Hours, which were technical talks in the evenings with pizza and beer.

Have you started to see the direct results of your work here?

Everything you do at Workday is for a clear reason - a lot of work I have done is already live. Even as an intern, I was developing tools that directly benefit the team. Everyone on the team is given a lot of trust and responsibility, which allows you to learn quickly.

What advice would you give to graduates looking for a job like yours at Workday?

Do an internship if you can, take the process seriously, and work towards it. I enjoyed my internship and at the end of it I was offered a graduate job, so the right internship can be a great step on the career ladder. The Workday internship made our final year college projects a lot easier.