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“There are always opportunities you can chase within Workday and you will get the right support to make the next step in your career.”

What was your university and programme?

I did my Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship at the Jönköping International Business School in Sweden. I completed my Bachelors in Business Administration, with a focus on Exhibition, Congress & Event Management in Germany.  I moved to Ireland after graduating as it’s the place to be for a career in tech.

What do you like about your current job? (What do you do each day?)

I am working in the SMD (Sales & Marketing Development) team, which is part of the Sales department in Workday. Our job profile and daily activities are diverse. We are responsible for Inbound calls, which means we are evaluating if Workday can help companies to drive their business by shifting their HCM and Finance needs into the cloud. Secondly, we work closely with the Marketing team, encouraging people to attend our events and also to do the follow-up. We also provide support to the rest of the Sales team. What I like about this role is that you work with different stakeholders. There are many different tasks to work on, which makes it exciting. Further, you have to opportunity to develop your sales skills. The team consists out of young people who have recently graduated, which is also a fun way to start your career.

What skills/technologies have you learnt since you came to Workday?

Since I came to Workday, I have gained a lot of experience, especially in sales and a better understanding of the fast-paced IT-industry. Further, I have developed my time management skills and how to deal best with different situations. There is a huge focus on training and upskilling to prepare graduates for a Sales career.

What's been your favourite event at Workday since you started?

Workday is a great company, that really cares for its employees. Fun and Employees are also two of our core values, which you really can feel. My favourite event was when the whole Sales Department from Dublin went to the Tayto Park. We did teambuilding games, had a nice lunch then went together on different rides and rollercoasters, which was great fun! I am close with my team and we do lots of social events - recently we organised a surfing weekend in Lahinch in the cold Irish sea! We appoint a CFO (Chief Fun Officer) each quarter to organise team events like paintballing.

Tell us about your interview process - do you remember the kinds of questions you were asked? Was it difficult?

The interview is not difficult. My tip is just to be yourself. The questions are around what Workday offers and your previous experience, but also a lot about yourself e.g. your goals, your hobbies and so on.

What Giving & doing activities have you been involved in?

Giving & Doing is a big part of the culture of Workday. We have several events and fundraisers to help organizations and people that are in need! My favourite ones were when our department went to Penny’s to sing Christmas carols and collect funds for Make-a-Wish Foundation . On top of that we also went to the DSPCA in Dublin, to help out at the shelter and take the dogs out for walks. My whole team recently organised a company cycle for Daisy House, a charity to help homeless women.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

That’s a tough one. At some point I want to move to the Implementation side of projects in IT. It interests me that you have to work closely with many different stakeholders, facing different challenges that have to be solved in a fast-manner.  The role here definitely helps, to get the first experience with dealing with customers/prospects and various stakeholders. Further, you get insights how companies approach in big IT projects.

What is the first month in the job like?

Honestly, the first month will be a lot of information everywhere. But, it’s about the people around you that really makes a difference. You will be trained and work closely together with your colleagues from the sales department, who will share their experiences. People in Workday are super helpful and always eager to help. You will get to know everyone from the department, we are like a big family, which is different to some other sales departments. It is common just to pop-up at someone’s desk if you need help. No need to be afraid or shy!

What advice would you give to graduates looking for a job at Workday?

Workday offers you a great opportunity. It is a great company with great future potential. I started as a SMD and have just been promoted to  the next career step in Corporate Sales Development. There are always opportunities you can chase within Workday and you will get the right support to make the next step in your career.