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“I’ve already worked on projects for 24 different customers, and I’m only 10 months into my role. Workday has given me a lot of trust from day one, and really enabled me to upskill very quickly.”

What was your university and programme?

I did the BSc in Business Information Systems in Cork Institute of Technology. As part of this course I did an internship in the Logistics department of EMC, and I also did an AIB summer internship.

What do you like about your current job? (What do you do each day?)

The best thing about Foundation Tenant Services is that the role brings something different every day. We are the first team that our customers meet after they sign a contract with Workday, and we help them to build the first version of the product that they see. We communicate on a daily basis with our global customers, and help contribute to Workday’s 98% satisfaction rating with our customers. I love that my team is very multicultural, with workmates from France, Germany, South Africa, Belgium and Portugal. This creates a great diversity in our approach and ideas.

What skills/technologies have you learnt since you came to Workday?

I’ve learnt a huge amount in the 10 months I’ve been at Workday. I’ve gained certifications in our  HCM, Payroll and Absence products, and have become confident at leading customer calls, which often have senior HR and Payroll Directors on them from high profile companies.

We work as an agile team, and I’ve had opportunities to build tools to help drive efficiencies in our team, such as a QA tool for developing Payroll tenants. I’ve definitely gained a lot of experience in data management, and in working to deadlines for our customers.

What's been your favourite event at Workday since you started?

This role has been fun from the first day, when we finished orientation, we immediately flew to London to meet our team at Altitude, our conference for Professional Services. We had a lot of fun doing team building activities in London, and I felt welcome from the start.

Recently, we also had a day at the Leopardstown Races with some of the other graduates which was a very enjoyable event. It ended with a live band and some dodgy team dancing to Abba.

Tell us about your interview process - do you remember the kinds of questions you were asked? Was it difficult?

The interview process was so clear and straightforward. I was in the interview process with a few other tech companies, but Workday definitely provided the most friendly and welcoming experience. Meeting the team at the onsite interview was an opportunity for me to see that they would be a good culture fit for me, and also allowed me to ask a lot of questions to ensure that the role would fit my abilities and career goals. There are three stages: Phone interview with the hiring manager to see if you can do the job, then onsites to see if you can fit in the team, and finally a call with a US-based Director. Every round was a conversation, never any pressure or stress, and the university recruiters gave great advice throughout.

What Giving & doing activities have you been involved in?

My team love dogs, so we often go to the DSPCA to help out with dog walking. I’m also signing up to go to Africa to build a school with the Mellon Educate over the next few months, and Workday has a donation matching programme so they will match what ever I raise for the charity.

Does Workday support your career aspirations?

The Foundation Tenant Services team has grown from 8 to 18 people in less than a year, so there are lots of opportunities for career development. What are a disruptor in services for Human Capital Management and we are still growing into new markets in Europe, so I expect our team will continue to expand. We are encouraged to talk about our career interests with our managers in weekly 1-to-1 meetings, and to grow our skills and interests. I have a big interest in process improvement, so maybe over time I’d like to consider roles like Program Manager, where I can solve problems to continue to ensure we are working in an agile way for our customers.

How was your first month in the job?

It was insane! We started out in London, and within our first few weeks we went to our Chicago office for HCM certification for two weeks. We managed to catch a heatwave in October, so it was a great trip, and also let me really get to know the other graduates who started on my team.

We did a lot of team dinners and activities to get to know each other, so I felt very comfortable from the start.

Have you started to see the direct results of your work here?

Yes, absolutely! I’ve already worked on projects for 24 different customers, and I’m only 10 months into my role. Workday has given me a lot of trust from day one, and really enabled me to upskill very quickly, and I’m grateful that my work is challenging and varied every day.

What advice would you give to graduates looking for a job like yours at Workday?

Research the role as much as you can - for Foundation Tenant Services, you really need to show a strong interest in implementation and data. You need to be willing to join a fast-paced, fun and evolving team constantly looking for ways to improve. You also need to love working with our new customers to deliver fast results to enable them to go live quicker.