Dawn Farms Food

So far in the Dawn Farms Graduate Development Programme I have gained invaluable experience in being a member of a highly regarded Food Safety and Quality team. Having completed a student internship at Dawn Farms in the Quality department, I realised Food Safety and Quality was what I wanted to continue my career in.I have been given the responsibility to work alongside the set food safety legislations to ensure Dawn Farms is meeting the highest levels of food safety.

As a Quality Assurance Graduate I not only work alongside the Food Plus Department but I also get the opportunity to work very closely with production and the Science and Innovation department which has given me a great understanding of how a product is produced from start to finish. The graduate programme has allowed me to grow professionally by taking on new responsibilities.

I have become more confident in my role building my skillset and knowledge. Following the completion of the IBEC/DIT Diploma in Professional Competency, I feel I can apply these skills into my everyday role and hopefully use it someday in the future when I am managing my own team.