Dawn Farms Food

Food Science has developed my scientific knowledge in how to produce high-quality, safe and nutritious foods for the global market.

As part of my degree, I completed a student placement in the Food Safety and Quality Department at Dawn Farms and from that developed a keen interest around Food Safety and Quality. The Horizons Graduate Development Programme has allowed me to develop my knowledge of the dynamic Irish Agri-Food Industry and food safety procedures. I now have a better understanding of the production and food safety process from the supplier to customer.

Dawn Farms places strict regulations on food safety measures by performing frequent sampling tests both internally and externally, ensuring the customer receives product of the highest safety and quality standards. From working within the Food Safety department, I get to work alongside various departments such as production, Science and Innovation and customer interface-giving me a broader understanding of the how the company functions.

The Graduate Development Programme has also given me the opportunity to complete the IBEC/DIT Diploma in Professional Competence, allowing me to apply work related skills and situations to my every day role.