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I was drawn to GLG by its forward-thinking and outward-looking ethos. The opportunity to take my first steps post-graduation into the dynamic world of work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment really appealed to me. The international nature of the role in recruiting bespoke executives allowed me to use the language skills I had gained at college, while also exposing me to a vast array of companies and businesses I would otherwise never have heard of. I started with a cohort of new Recruiting Associates who I learned the ropes with and who are still my peers and friends, while also being supported by the more experienced members of my team who had been there months and years. While a Recruiting Associate I picked up transferable skills like thinking on my feet and flexibility, and the longer I stay at GLG the more these skills are called upon, and the more they improve.

What I enjoy most about GLG is the opportunity to connect with top level professionals from all over the world and learn about their field. It makes for an atmosphere that is both energetic and complex. There is also a great sense of camaraderie and diversity, with all of the teams having different regional or disciplinary specialties.  

I would recommend GLG to anyone who wants to gain an insight into a wide array of disciplines and who is not afraid of being flexible and adaptable. It is a great fit for anyone who enjoys connecting with new people both outside of the office and within it - the abundant social activities make for genuine friendships and fun with your coworkers.