The daa graduate programme opens up endless possibilities as there are so many different businesses and departments from retail to airside operations to human resources. Each time I’ve moved department it’s like moving company but with the advantage of having a well-developed network and company knowledge.

I was fresh out of college and started in Strategy and Regulation. From day one I've been involved in key strategic projects that have been both varied and challenging. This has allowed me to gain unrivalled insight and experience from working closely with senior management and the executive team. I then moved to the Commercial Department managing the commercial concessions business and now I’m the Director of Passenger Experience in Terminal 5 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia! As the ‘voice of the passenger’ on the Senior Management team, I ensure that we are constantly striving to improve the experience for everyone travelling through Terminal 5.

The daa graduate programme has undoubtedly accelerated my career and given me exposure to so many different aspects of the business. The daa business is vast and provides all employees with endless opportunities to diversify (of specify if you’d prefer!) and progress your career. Whether you’re based in Dublin, Delhi or Saudi Arabia, with daa you’re at the forefront of aviation and travel retailing and part of a team of industry experts.