In 2015, I graduated from Maynooth University with a Masters’ degree in Business Management. With the goal to work in a dynamic, customer centric, and sales driven environment I joined the daa Graduate Programme as a Project Manager with ARI. Currently as Retail Operations Project Manager, I am working on the redevelopment of retail stores in Terminal 2 from an operations perspective.

This work has included, but not limited to, the recruitment of staff, stock management and planning of shop operations for new stores such as Avoca, Sunglasses and Jewellery. My main motivator is to contribute to the growth of a business whilst continuing to develop both personally and professionally. Within my role I have a lot of autonomy which I believe is a key component to job satisfaction.

Outside of work I am involved with and have a big interest in innovation and entrepreneurship. I love that as part of my role I can leverage this passion, whether it is working on new technological retail solutions or creative sales initiatives. In 2017, I won the Retail Excellence Ireland Rising Star award. Winning this award really represents the culmination of hard work over the last few years. Thus far, it is one of the highlights of my career with ARI. And is undoubtedly attributed to the constant support, guidance, and encouragement I receive from my managers and colleagues.