PwC Republic of Ireland

An internship at PwC is a brilliant opportunity to see first hand what it’s like to work there.

Straight after onboarding, I joined a team and worked closely with a manager who gave me responsibility for certain tasks. This helped me to understand what would be expected of me as a graduate in the firm.

A PwC internship is fast paced and dynamic and that means that the development you get from it is rapid, too. You get structured weekly training sessions to grow your interpersonal and technical skills.

But the best aspect was the opportunity to grow my network. I joined the firm with over 100 other interns from all kinds of other courses. That meant I got a great opportunity to work closely with people I wouldn’t ordinarily have had the chance to meet.

The fantastic work-life balance and the friends I made during the internship at PwC made for a very memorable summer.