“I graduated from Trinity College with a bachelor’s of science degree in pharmacy and went on to get my master's degree in pharmacy from Royal College of Surgeons in 2011. I went to work as a community pharmacist for 3 years in Galway after completing my studies and then I had an inkling that I wanted to do something different while in my 20s. That’s when I was drawn to SABIS®.

I liked that I was able to move into a completely different field from my work experience with ease as there was intensive training provided for new teachers. The life experience that I have now from being able to teach young students is something that will stay with me forever. You get so much experience and responsibility right from the start, along with support, of course. I enjoyed the camaraderie with the new teachers that you travel with in your first year. Everyone is helpful and tries to guide you to the best of their abilities.

There is real opportunity for professional growth with SABIS®. I can see it in my own career and in careers of my colleagues and, now, friends. I have been able to move within the company to an HR administrative position after one year of teaching. My advice to new graduates thinking of teaching as a career is: 'Come and see what it's like firsthand. You won't regret it!'“