"After graduating with BA in Economics & Geography from NUI Galway in 2013, I took an Economics & Business studies teaching post with the international schools of Choueifat in Sharjah, UAE in 2014. As the secondary teaching qualification process had become more tedious and expensive in Ireland, I was delighted to have the opportunity to teach before fully investing in a career in education.

The school do their utmost when training inexperienced teachers. After an intensive fortnight in August, I was confident entering into my first class that September. The Heads of department are extremely hands-on and the teacher training continued throughout the duration of the year. There was always someone willing to offer helpful advice, and the school's rigorous points system leaves little room for teacher error.

During my second year with the school I decided to complete a Post-graduate certificate in Education through the University of Sunderland and the school was extremely accommodating to me throughout my studies. This course will allow me to teach in Ireland, when I eventually decide to return home.

This year I will be progressing into a management position as an academic quality controller. A position which a teacher in Ireland would unlikely be entrusted with, after only two short years of teaching. The opportunities for advancement are exceptional within the company.

I recommend working with SABIS to any graduate who is interested in gaining teaching experience whilst living in the Middle East.Myself and many of colleagues have taken the opportunity to travel during our lengthy paid holidays, with tourist destinations in Asia and Africa only being a short distance away. The company allowed me to gain relevant experience, complete my teaching qualification and to progress into a management role, whilst enjoying a comfortable and interesting lifestyle. "