Merit Medical

“I wanted to move to a company with better career progression prospects and discovered Merit Medical. I started with the company in manufacturing and applied to their Graduate Programme as soon as I saw it advertised. I wanted to get onto a programme to help me learn the skills that I needed for my own career progression and here I am!

The programme is designed to help graduates learn about roles within Merit Medical through practical experience. Graduates rotate between different departments throughout the company and gain key exposure to all areas of the business. This exercise is key, as you learn how the different areas are connected and how influential they can be to your role day to day. Particular attention is paid to how other departments/ people can influence every action that you may want to undertake, and to understand that every role within the company is important, from Production Operator to the VP of Operations.

I love the fact that there usually is never a day that goes by that I am not learning something, which keeps things fresh and interesting. Learning is life long, so to be gaining knowledge all the time and learning in all different ways from everyone I meet makes work so gratifying”