Merit Medical

“Merit Medical has been a fantastic place to start my career as an engineer. I joined Merit Medical’s Engineering graduate programme 6 months ago now and I am at the end of my first rotation. Merit’s Graduate programme offers a superb opportunity to excel over 2 years.

My first rotation of 6 months has been brilliant and diverse. Every day I am given various tasks from monitoring downtime to work towards a more lean and stable output, to using various software programmes from Solidworks to Excel and anything in between.

I initially joined Merit and like anyone else in the position of starting out in a company that employs nearly 1000 people in Galway, I was nervous. Within a couple of weeks, I had settled into a very comfortable position due to the fantastic engineers that I have been working with. I have become friends with people from various areas of the company, from cleaning staff to boxing employees, planners and HR. Every person I have met in my first 6 months have been a joy to work with and I think this shows the level of job satisfaction experienced in this company.

Advice I would give to someone starting on their career path, would be to go into every day and every week with an open mind and learn as much as possible from the people around you, don’t be afraid of the challenge”