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My role:

My first role at Workday began in 2018 when I was on the graduate sales team. My manager and I put a career progression plan in place and I moved to the Corporate Sales Development team in March 2019. Day-to-day, I do outbound prospecting and territory coverage. I have a set of accounts (specific by industry) where I need to contact companies proactively, generating relationships with different stakeholders. The role includes some travel and I also have side projects that I work on like training new hires and setting up sales competitions.

What skills/technologies have you learned since you came to Workday?

Being fluent in many languages, I originally worked in the Spanish market. But I was given the opportunity to work in the DACH market when I moved teams, so I’m now using German daily. Training is provided both in sales as well as the technical side, such as how to use our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. As a member of the sales team, we need to know our Workday products and competitive landscape. We also need ongoing training to develop strong communication skills since we connect with C-level executives regularly.  

Tell us about the culture in Workday?

Moving from Spain, Workday was welcoming, and I integrated into the team right away. Workday invests in its employees. We have Sales Kick Off (SKO) in Las Vegas annually, which gives us the opportunity to get to know the wider sales organisation. As most of the sales team are international and living away from home, we have built strong friendships and take trips together outside of work.

What's been the biggest challenge to date?

I was given the opportunity to work in a non-native market (Germany). Adapting to that market, it’s been a challenge to improve my German language skills. Calling prospective customers the first few days was difficult, but it soon became second nature.

What type of support do you receive for your career development?

The leadership team is supportive, and the flat structure makes them very approachable. They encourage proactive behaviour and are open to new ideas. We have career development sessions and an open environment to talk with different people in our organisation. I was encouraged by managers to complete my Workday certification, which led to my promotion to the Corporate Sales Development team.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

I would like to explore my career progression within Workday and see where it takes me. There are plenty of opportunities to advance and make an impact in the company.

What advice would you give to graduates looking for a job at Workday?

Workday is the best place to make the transition from university to work. My advice is to make an effort to embrace the culture - get involved in clubs and build your own path. If you are proactive, you will progress.

From your own experience, do you have any tips about the interview process?

Don’t be nervous!

The in-person interview for the graduate role was a regular conversational interview and informal. There is no technical interview as training on the products is ongoing. When I interviewed for the Corporate Sales development team, I met with the regional sales director.