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I joined Optum’s TDP Programme in 2017,  the first year it launched in Ireland,  and have been a member of the Innovation, Research and Development team ever since.

Part of what makes my team unique is that it is made up entirely of TDP graduates, each of us from a completely different educational and cultural background. This diversity of experience means that we bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the table, and strive to view a problem from all angles, which is vital in healthcare innovation. We have also had many opportunities to create our own work using whitespace innovation to research problems within healthcare and design our own solutions from the ground up.

Being a global company, there is a lot of scope for collaboration between our offices; over the past two years, I’ve worked on a variety of projects with colleagues from the US, India and the Philippines. This summer, we travelled to Minnesota to meet with the rest of our department, which was an invaluable learning experience (not to mention a lot of fun!).

With the support of my manager, I have also been lucky enough to continue my education while working at Optum. Last year, I completed a diploma in Innovation, Leadership and Creativity from UCD, and am currently working my way through a certification in Interaction Design.

Working at Optum means embracing a dynamic culture of innovation, collaboration and respect, but also bringing your own individuality to the mix. By remaining open-minded, empathetic and curious, every person has a role to play in achieving our goal: to make the healthcare system work better for everyone.