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Joining Optum Technology back in 2017 did not make me realise the magnitude of change that I would be an active part of. The journey over the past 2 years has been a great learning curve in my professional development.

I work in the role of a Business Analyst with the Innovation, Research and Development (IRD) team within the company. Through IRD, the focus has been healthcare innovation and in the team, our challenge on a day-to-day basis has been to change the face of healthcare by improving healthcare processes followed in clinical settings by leveraging existing viable technology.

In the company, there is a great emphasis on culture and supporting Non-governmental Organisations across the globe. I have had the pleasure of taking part in many such events where I have been able to build new relationships and made some friends. Healthcare is a heavily regulated environment where change is not accepted well. The role at Optum Technology has equipped me not only with this wonderful opportunity but has also equipped me with many tools to help build a better system for everyone.