Exam success and making lifelong friends

I work in the tax department as a Tax Consultant. I have completed my accountancy exams and I am currently in the process of doing my tax exams, just one more set to go! My role in the tax department varies every day. I work on a large number of diverse clients in different areas of tax. I also work on a lot of advisory cases, mainly providing advice to individuals moving to or away from Ireland the tax implications of same. No case I work on is the same which keeps things interesting and means every day is different.

Another part of my role in RSM is being a member of the Sports & Social Committee. There are lots of activities happening throughout the year, especially during the summer months, which I am involved in and help coordinate. We enter a tag rugby league during the Summer and also take part in a cycle from Dublin to Wexford in aid of the Peter McVerry Trust every September. The training for the cycle usually starts about 2/3 months before hand which is great as it gets those taking part out and about together on a weekly basis and helps to relieve some stress. 

What’s been the highlight so far?

A personal highlight of mine is passing my final accountancy exams. Now that I’m over that hurdle, my next focus is passing my tax exams. Over the last 4 years I’ve been working in RSM I’ve also become good friends with people. It has especially helped being friends with those who started in the same intake as me and going through the exams together helped to get through them. 

What’s been your biggest challenge so far?

With the exception of the annual challenging 135km Dublin to Wexford cycle I take part in, my biggest challenge to date has been balancing study and work at the same time. RSM however provide us with adequate study leave before exams which helps. They also provide support for trainees though internal tutorials which is of huge benefit.

What’s surprised you most about working at RSM?

Possibly how varied the work is and the level of responsibility that a trainee is given at a junior level. The level of responsibility helped to improve my technical knowledge at an early stage and increased my confidence the more cases I worked on.

I was also surprised by the number of activities and social events available to take part in. Removes this stereotypical impression of a serious boring accountancy firm!  Everyone is really sociable and approachable which makes coming to work a lot easier.

What’s next for you at RSM?

I hope to successfully complete my tax exams and continue to improve my knowledge and experience every day. I also hope to progress in my role in the tax department.

What’s your top tip for someone looking to apply to RSM?

My top tip would be to be open to new challenges and experiences and also be open to getting involved in what’s going on in the firm. It is definitely the best way to get to know people. If the interviewers can see in an interview that you will be the kind of person who will fit well into the dynamics of a team by being friendly, approachable and sociable, you’re on the right track. When you are commencing in a graduate role, you are not expected to have any or much work experience however they are looking for someone who shows that they are willing to learn and be challenged.

Describe RSM in 3 words;

Sociable, challenging, approachable.