“The International Graduate Programme with Enterprise Ireland is an incredible launchpad into the world of international business. As a Market Executive for Germany, Austria and Switzerland my role is to work with Irish companies to help them expand or grow in those markets. Some of my time is spent supporting individual Irish companies for example to help them identify buyers or to understand the dynamic of the DACH markets in their industry. I have also been very involved in events in-market such as trade fairs, ministerial missions and organising Irish delegation visits to global companies. The network developed by Enterprise Ireland overseas is key to their support of clients and it is exciting to be involved in with such senior leaders and helping to manage those relationships at this point in my career. The role is very diverse and that is in fact the highlight of the job – it is a mix of business consultancy, diplomacy, relationship management and, in my case, language training, that serves as a perfect transition to a career in business.”