Stream: Logistics / Placements: Flogas Britain –Leicestershire; DCC Vital – Dublin

The different placements on the programme gave me a clearer view on how I would like my own career to progress. 

My first placement was with Flogas Britain working in the scheduling function within the Operations department.  I worked on the development and implementation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and was given responsibility for the implementation of a capital expenditure project – on my first placement!  This gave me a great grounding in using data to drive business decisions and operating an office logistics environment.  In contrast, my final placement in DCC Vital exposed me to day-to-day operations and team management skills.  I was responsible for the relocation of a recent acquisition’s warehousing activity and the ongoing management of the Operation from its new home.

The graduate programme has not only provided me with wide-ranging experiences and opportunity but also generally allowed me to develop my own professional capacity significantly more than I expected in just two-years.  I’ve been given high levels of autonomy and responsibility with just the right level of support.

There’s formal training around people management, commercial awareness and finance which has been great in shaping my understanding of business and helped me be more effective in my roles but I’ve also benefitted from the performance and  development plan which has provided valuable training in self-awareness, reflection and continuous professional improvement.

Now I’ve completed the programme I have accepted a permanent role with DCC Vital – my placement showed me just what this fast-growing division could offer by way of a variety of opportunities.  I am now a Group Acquisitions Project Manager responsible for managing acquisition projects and supporting the different businesses within DCC Vital to extract maximum value.  Along the way I have worked in the Healthcare division as a Project Manager, Operations Manager and Business Development Manager.

The DCC Graduate Programme is uniquely positioned to provide a combination of diversity of experience, autonomy of work and ability to make a lasting impact in an organisation. It is the perfect environment in which to learn about different markets, business cultures and professional disciplines. My experience is that you get out as much as you put into the programme, with support at every stage to ensure you deliver results, develop professionally and find a place in the business long term.