My Role

I graduated from DCU with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications. I started working with BearingPoint as an intern during my third year of college and I recently joined full-time as a Technology Analyst. During my internship, I was exposed to new technologies around the .Net framework and I worked in an Agile team developing a web application for a large public sector client. My role now involves fixing bugs, developing new features and writing automated tests.

Normal day

Being part of an agile team, a typical day starts with a daily stand-up where each person in the team gives an update on what they did the previous day and what they plan to do for the day ahead. This is where issues are raised and resolved. We use JIRA to keep track of the tasks that need to be done for the current sprint and my day-to-day work generally involves developing code and collaborating with testers and business analysts.

Outside the office

Being in city centre has made it very handy to meet up with friends either after work or for lunch. I enjoy playing basketball during the weekends and I recently joined a gym.

Why BearingPoint

One of the main reasons why I decided to stay in BearingPoint after my internship is the atmosphere. The people are very friendly and approachable and it’s not difficult to ask anyone for help. BearingPoint is a great place to join as a graduate as the company puts a lot of emphasis on career development. Everyone is encouraged to set time aside for training and the company provides educational courses and resources to help you to develop skills. Everyone is assigned a performance manager to guide and help you achieve individual career goals. As well as that, BearingPoint also offers great benefits to their employees!