Why did you choose General Motors?

I had a previous work experience in India in the field of testing. I came to Ireland to do my Masters in the field of Computer Science and switch into a fast paced development environment. General Motors provided me with a wide platform to learn various skills being on an Apprentice position. So I would say Apprentice Software Engineering position motivated me to choose GM which had wide range of tools and technologies to work on and with minimal expectations at the start of career straight out of college.

How did you get here?

I had received a referral from one of existing employees in GM and then I had a series of interviews regarding my technical knowledge. My coursework with the Computer Science was specialized in Data Science and Analytics and I think this background helped me build up a curriculum and discipline to get a role as Java and Big Data Engineer with GM.

What do you do on daily basis?

I am one of the lucky employees to work with 2 different organizations during my experience with GM for the past last 18 months. I have worked on wide range of web applications ranging from Cloud and Data Analytics with Java Spring Boot and Angular with implementation of unit and integration testing to mobile application development in Android. Currently, I am working with Big Data Infrastructure automation with DevOps ideology which is a pathway towards building up an automation tool for Big Data platform engineers that will automate repetitive and time-consuming platform maintenance tasks. I feel my job has put my skills and education to use while offering new learning on daily basis.

  • Deval Pandit
  • MSc in Information Systems
  • University College Dublin (graduated in 2018)