Why did you choose General Motors?

As a member of the environmental society, I am aware of the impact of our actions on the environment. In my search for a job, it was imperative that I work with a company whose values aligned with mine and General Motor is one of such companies. The GM's policies and technologies promote a cleaner planet from supply chain to manufacturing to the vehicles. When I saw the ad for the apprentice program I knew this was a great opportunity to work with a Fortune 10 multinational company. I believed my skillset made me suitable for the role of a Network Engineer. Upon reading reviews and feedbacks on various job boards, it was evident that the work environment is very diverse with great emphasis on teamwork. Which suggests a great company culture that will bring me work satisfaction.

How did you get here?

I have always been passionate about traveling and experiencing new cultures. So, after securing a first class in BSc Business and Information Technology, I was fortunate to be awarded a scholarship by the National College of Ireland to study Cyber Security at graduate level. I chose to come to Ireland because I consider it to be a country very rich in culture but most important as a technocrat I believe Ireland is the Silicon Valley of Europe. 

In my final semester I applied to General Motors, two weeks after my application I had a phone interview, shortly afterwards I received an email confirming I have been selected for an onsite interview. The interviewers were nice and did everything possible to make me get comfortable. For example, they brought in a fellow Nigerian who is currently employed to GM into the interview room. That went a great length to put me at ease as well as reassured me of some of the positive things I had read about the organisation.

What do you do on a daily basis?

A typical day in the life of an Apprentice Network Engineer at GM would consist of looking at the incident queue. We triage incident tickets ranging from AP, switches and routers to help keep the business operational. The team consists of engineers with decades of experience under their belt who are always patient and eager to help junior Engineers like myself. Additionally, we work on individual projects that have been assigned to us. One of such projects that was assigned to me involved identifying network devices that required IP helper addresses within the EMEA region prior to the installation of new servers.