My role: (Tell us about your current job and what it involves?)

I work as an implementations consultant for Workday , coming in through the Generation Workday Graduate Programme. As an implementation consultant I help Workday customers get set up on the system. My role mainly consists of gathering customer requirements, presenting system demos to the customer, and supporting the customer through testing of the requirements we have configured in the system for them.

I currently work in the Medium Enterprise Team, engaging with customers with less than 4500 employees. We typically get customers live on the Workday system in less than a year, and can work on up to 5 customers at a time, across multiple industries. This level of turn around means no one day is the same, the learning curve is consistently high, and we get to regularly experience the satisfaction of getting another customer live on Workday. 

What skills/technologies have you learned since you came to Workday?

As part of the Consulting Graduate Program I got to spend 3 months in San Francisco in Consulting Bootcamp. This was incredibly valuable experience providing me with all the necessary skills to kick start my career as a Workday Consultant.

As part of this bootcamp I earned my Workday Implementation Certifications. Beyond this however, we received numerous ‘101’ sessions on how to deal with the different challenging scenarios we may encounter in a customer facing role. These sessions were all run by current consultants, passing on their soft skills and tricks of the trade enabling us graduates to dive right into the role once we returned from bootcamp.

Tell us about the culture in Workday? (people, social etc.)

Workday have their people at the center of their core values, and although this has been evident since the day I stated, the support Workday has offered us since the Covid Pandemic has been above and beyond.  Flexibility when it comes to Work-Life Balance is something that we have always been encouraged to take advantage of at Workday whether it’s getting your gym session in during the day, or rearranging your calendar so you are not late for that class you are doing in the evening, Workday is always supportive.

One of our other core values is fun, and you really don’t have to go looking too hard for this one. It is an unwritten prerequisite to joining the company that you bring your fun side with you - and make use of it at the numerous work events, putting a smile on our customers faces, and most importantly always having a good laugh with your Workmates.    

What's been the biggest challenge to date?

One of the biggest challenges I have faced is managing the numerous elements of multiple projects at once. However - this has been a great challenge to face as it has led me to really developing my project management, time management, and expectation management skills.

One of the other main challenges of the role couples up with my favourite part of the role - travelling for work. As part of the consulting role we travel to our customers from time to time throughout a project. This can be challenging as it often requires a lot of preparation - however it can be more than rewarding when you extend your trip and get to see cities such as Munich, Lisbon, Gothenburg, just to name a few.  

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Given the internal career opportunities Workday offers, coupled with how well rounded the consulting role is, luckily I do not see 5 years time as something I need to worry about right now. Whether it’s a change in role, or a change in location, Workday are very encouraging and supportive of career decisions that allow them to retain their people while also fulfilling the career aspirations of the worker.

What advice would you give to graduates looking for a job at Workday?

Workday now has a massive range of products available - get a feel for these through our website and watch some of the product demos. Read one of our customer case studies to get an idea of how our product creates value for our customers.

Take advantage of the events Workday runs - be it the career events or something like the recent ‘Conversations for a Changing World’ virtual event Workday held with amazing speakers including Serena Williams. And don’t be afraid to reach out - if you have not guessed from this, Workday employees love talking about Workday! 

From your own experience, do you have any tips about the interview process?

The question in the back of the mind of any Workday interviewer is “Could I see myself working on a team/project with this applicant”, so my piece of advice is; Be yourself - Workday is all about the people!