Reflecting on my grad program makes me smile every time. It is such a journey; it is both hard work and the best time of your life. It is stressful and wonderful. You get to be part of this amazing family.

I did not come from a technical background and I was scared when this began. I thought I would not be able to face all of this however I shouldn’t have worried. Everyone wants to help you and this program is specifically designed to help you learn and prepare you for the future with the company.

One of the most amazing parts of this program is the trip to Durban, South Africa. It is an experience of a lifetime. You go there to train yes but it is so much more than that. The highlight of the trip for me was going to the Safari but we have experienced so much more during our stay. We got to experience amazing food, culture and helped me overcome my fear of heights when we went zip lining over canyons. It was just spectacular. The month we spent is South Africa thought me hard work and team work. During our time there we learned so much about things we were about to face when we came back home. I loved learning about SQL, Consultancy Skills and ICAgile, all of these things helped me adapt when I came back and started on my client site.

Back in Dublin I did not have much time to relax however I was on my first client site within the first week of coming back home. It was a challenge I welcomed with open arms. It was not easy but it was so rewarding. Working on a system you know will be used by actual people is just so daunting at first.  It is not a project that will be graded by your teacher and never looked at again. Someone will be using it. This might sound scary but the truth is there are people there with you! I found that my manager was always there to help me so were my fellow co-workers.  It was hard work and required a “go get it” attitude. I found the harder I worked the better I did. I am a very curious person by nature so it suited me fine to go out there and find more and more work for myself. My colleagues were always there to support me. 

I loved all the challenges that I faced during my grad program. I loved the people I was doing it with. I am still in close contact with them. It is an amazing support system. If you are a hardworking person looking for a challenge I advise you to apply! I have learned that it is possible to get out of bed each day wanting to go to work, looking forward to new challenges and new projects. This job has changed my life and it could change yours too.