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8.0 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 25 ratings in 2014)
"Fair, opportunistic, fun place to work, challenging."
  • The business is fast-paced and exciting; the variety of work on offer means no two days are alike
  • Graduates get lots of support from the company as well as the freedom to shape their own careers
  • ERAC offers many development opportunities and quick career progression for those who work hard
  • The company has a fun and friendly culture thanks to an emphasis on teamwork
  • The hours you are expected to work can be quite long and somewhat unsociable at times
  • Salaries are commission and bonus-based (and therefore changeable) meaning it can be hard to plan ahead
  • Graduates at branch level may have very little communication with upper-level management
  • Maintaining a decent work/life balance can be a challenge at busy times
8.2 / 10
Offices & Dress
7.0 / 10
6.0 / 10
6.0 / 10
9.0 / 10
8.3 / 10
8.0 / 10

What insiders say about...

"Do your research, know how Enterprise was founded and what values it has. Knowing,..."

"The culture here is hard-working, but with good teamwork and a fun and friendly ..."

"I work in a great space, facilities are great for employees working early morning..."

"The company are very flexible with holiday time and choice time. Though they are..."

"I know when I put the hard work in and get promoted the bonuses will come, as I am..."

"Perks include: dinners, activity days, company car, pensions, counselling service..."

"I had to go through four stages; it was a very thorough process that tested you...."

"I was asked a number of open ended questions which seemed to relate to organisational..."

"The firm's green initiatives include: 50 million tree pledge, carbon offset programmes,..."

"In my experience managers are very open and accessible."

"Everyone has an equal chance to move up the company no matter who you are, we all..."

"You can become a Manager's Assistant after nine months, then progress as fast as..."

"There are numerous fund raising bodies within ERAC. I have been awarded 1000 Euros..."

"My job includes checking availability, making plans for the day, organising maintenance..."

"The fast-paced nature of the work and the quick career progression."

"Maintaining a decent work/life balance can be challenging."

"Enterprise is still a family-owned company."

"Fair and Honest."

"I met with a person working for the company and also researched the core values of..."

"I have received a lot of day-to-day training whilst on the job."

"I think the hours could be made a little more manageable."

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