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7.7 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 74 ratings in 2015)
"An innovative, energetic and ambitious firm."
  • The firm’s collegiate environment ensures that trainees receive support from colleagues at all levels
  • Trainees are exposed to high-profile and challenging projects throughout their training contracts
  • The firm's offices are spacious, in convenient locations and have excellent facilities
  • A variety of training sessions are on offer, with frequent workshops in each department
  • The working hours can be unpredictable at times, making it difficult to plan free time
  • Trainees may feel like their high level of responsibility puts them under a fair amount of pressure
  • More transparency with regard to seat choices could allow trainees to make more informed decisions
  • Resources could be spread more appropriately across the firm, to ensure that trainees' workloads are more evenly balanced
8.0 / 10
Formal Training
8.2 / 10
Offices & Dress
8.6 / 10
5.8 / 10
8.4 / 10
8.0 / 10
Pro Bono
9.0 / 10

What insiders say about...

"You need to submit a written application in the 'milk-round' or do a summer internship...."

"The culture of the firm is one of the best things about the firm. There is a great..."

"The training programme is excellent. There are weekly trainee education presentations..."

"My partners have been extremely accessible and approachable in terms of gaining context..."

"The office is very modern and clean. All needs are catered for - there is an on-site..."

"If you need to get out for a specific reason some evening then every effort will..."

"The firm takes the salary of its trainees very seriously, and ensures it is at the..."

"The firm regularly runs competition for free tickets to fun events and provides for..."

"Throughout the interview I was asked to tell them about the firm, to show my understanding/viewpoint..."

"Efforts to reduce the carbon footprint at the firm are pretty good. There is recycling..."

"The firm is improving in its diversity. There is still a gap between the amount of..."

"I have had a great deal of client interaction which has been instrumental in aiding..."

"The firm does lots of pro bono legal work, especially in the area of refugee law...."

"A big group of trainees, good know-how and support services are all pluses."

"The hours mean that it can be hard for me to achieve a good work/life balance."

"I was encouraged to apply here as the firm is known for having one the best trainee..."

"The retention rate is very high and the firm aims to train us all to be key employees..."

"A&L Goodbody has a choir that enters national competitions."

"An ambitious, successful and team-focused firm."

"More workshops and IT training, particularly in the basics, would speed up so much..."

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