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6.3 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 36 ratings in 2016)
"Modern, progressive and large."
  • There’s interesting and variable work as well as a culture of rewarding success.
  • Lots of online training is available along with a highly regarded two-week course at the beginning.
  • Many social events are organised throughout the year and attended by all levels of the company.
  • Career progression is well planned out with a clearly defined timeline.
  • Long and unpredictable hours can make it difficult to maintain a good work/life balance.
  • Graduates are sometimes assigned roles based on where work is required, rather than where they are trained in.
  • Due to the size of the company, some tasks can require more administration than expected.
  • Even though the offices are good, graduates are likely to work on client sites, which can be of a lower quality.
6.9 / 10
Offices & Dress
7.5 / 10
6.0 / 10
6.3 / 10
8.8 / 10
6.9 / 10

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