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8.5 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 97 ratings in 2016)
"Supportive and challenging with a fantastic reputation."
  • There are many learning and development opportunities on offer.
  • The culture of the offices is friendly and supportive, meaning graduates find it a pleasant place to work.
  • Managers are accessible and regularly make time to help when needed.
  • Graduates get to work on a wide variety of tasks and projects.
  • The size of the company means that some graduates have to seek out their own work early on.
  • The salary increases over time, but some feel that it starts out lower than it could.
  • While hours can be flexible, the workload can mean that they are often long.
  • The large amount of training early on may be intimidating to some.
8.8 / 10
Offices & Dress
9.4 / 10
7.9 / 10
6.7 / 10
8.6 / 10
8.4 / 10

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"Teamwork was a must within my department and everyone helped each other so there..."

"PwC provides excellent training, the first 2 years being a great learning curve."

"PwC's Dublin offices are one of the best work environments I've seen. The chairs..."

"I worked 9.00 am – 5.30 pm Monday to Friday. During the months of July and August..."

"It was very reasonable and overtime was also paid."

"Gym on site, shop, dry cleaning, beauty therapist, physio and wellness treatments..."

"The assessment lasted three days with all expenses fully covered by the company...."

"What recent events have affected PwC and the accounting industry? (This would include..."

"The company recently set up a committee to help with green initiatives."

"I found all managers to be helpful to me as an intern. They were pleasant and approachable..."

"From what I have seen on the website and from being here, PwC is inclusive of all..."

"There is a clear path on how to rise up within the firm. A positive aspect is the..."

"I have been given lots of different types of work from tax compliance to consultancy..."

"The level of support we receive (be it from our buddies, managers, senior management..."

"The hours can be long and there can be pressure around deadlines and meeting tar..."

"The Dublin office is one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in Europ..."

"Supportive and challenging with a fantastic reputation."

"The name is well known and I think they pay well at a graduate level. They also pay..."

"I received intensive training on assurance practices. Skills I learned included critical..."

"Perhaps less time training and more shadowing (with no obligations to understand..."

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