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6.6 / 10

(based on 26 ratings in 2015)

How would you describe the career prospects at your firm? Is there much scope for advancement?


"Promotion is possible within the Group, and they are very fair and always go with the person who is best suited for the role, which is how I feel it should be. They will also tend to recruit within the Bank first before finding external candidates."
Graduate, Dublin
"I think that there are incredible opportunities for progression once an employee has spent a certain amount of time in the organisation. A considerable effort needs to be made by the employee to network internally, so they can boost chances of getting other jobs in the organisation."
Graduate, Dublin
"I haven't tried to move anywhere yet as I started recently, and I am not sure if it's easy to move up the ranks, but I know some people who have moved between different roles."
Graduate, Dublin
"I believe that I will only get promoted at the end of my four year graduate programme."
Graduate, Dublin
"There are a lot of people in this bank who have worked here for their entire career. I think it takes time, but I find that you can make your way up the career ladder easily enough."
Graduate, Dublin


"From past experience previous graduates have done very well for themselves and risen up the ranks very well and quickly."
Graduate, Dublin
"I'm not quite sure how promotions work, but hard work is recognised and I think if there is room for promotion, management are happy to reward hard work."
Graduate, Dublin
"Though I do appreciate experience counts for a lot, promotion possibilities seems to be a slow process, and it is more to do with the length of service, as opposed to ability."
Graduate, Dublin
"In my experience, little information is given on this, but we are told that well performing graduates are placed on 'high-potential' lists for quick progression through the ranks. Many senior managers are former graduate programme graduates."
Graduate, Dublin
"This depends where you work, but I can see in my time with Bank of Ireland that there are plenty of opportunities for people who want them."
Finance, Graduate, Dublin

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