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Career Prospects

6.5 / 10

(based on 26 ratings in 2016)


"If you work hard, you should be promoted. However, it is partly merit-based and partly connections you've made that will enable you to move up the ranks. The more confident workers get preference to move up. It takes approximately two years to be promoted to consultant if you start in as a graduate analyst."
Graduate, Dublin
"You enter the organisation as an analyst. You are then promoted to a consultant (usually within two years). The next level is manager (usually after another two or three years). Then you can become a senior manager etc."
Graduate, Dublin
"Career prospects are good and promotions take place frequently throughout the year. Opportunities for travel and secondments abroad exist more and more as you move up the levels."
Graduate, Dublin
"As long as you are working to a good standard as an analyst, a promotion should be offered within two or three years. It definitely gets more difficult as you progress as there is an expectation that you will take on more ownership, both within the project and in the wider community."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"There are a lot of people in each career level and a lot of Accenture employees tend to be high achievers with a competitive streak. It takes a lot of hard work and involvement in other areas of Accenture, besides client work, to move up the ranks."
Graduate, Dublin
"People who work hard tend to get promoted every two years or so."
Graduate, Dublin
"Tough but fair. Your work performance is not the only variable considered for promotion though."
Graduate, Dublin
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