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Career Prospects

8.1 / 10

(based on 73 ratings in 2016)


"While you're on the training programme, promotions are automatic after passing each exam. Manager level can be reached within five years."
Intern, Dublin
"Having PwC on your CV provides an excellent means to travel both internationally and at home, employers recognise it as an excellent company to have trained with."
Graduate, Dublin
"There is a clear path on how to rise up within the firm. A positive aspect is the fact that our appraisers/buddies have all been at the level we are at and can give us clear insight as to how they got to where they are now."
Graduate, Dublin
"Here, you more or less move up a level every year to assistant manager and then I think it becomes more of a process."
Graduate, Waterford
"As an associate, you can move to senior associate once you pass your exams and complete your work in an accurate and effective way. Once you prove yourself and work hard, it appears that your work is noticed and you can move up."
Graduate, Dublin
"There is a clear path for advancement and this seems to be based on a mix of seniority and level of qualification."
Intern, Dublin
"Provided you pass your exams, it is very easy to move up within the firm. They are always looking to keep staff on board to become assistant managers and managers once it comes to the end of the training contract."
"Considering you work five years and are eligible to be a manager (given all exams are passed), I do feel that there is endless opportunity to progress in your position. Every month (or even week) you are given more and more responsibility and you can grow and develop your skills constantly. It's great to know that you are constantly being challenged and are improving."
Graduate, Dublin
"The promotional ladder in PwC is very clear and your opportunities are set out to you very early on. In assurance, after you finish your training contract, you have the opportunity to become an assistant manager, which is highly encouraged – you then move on to manager and senior manager. I saw a lot of people get promoted while I was doing my internship and it was great to see them rewarded for their hard work."
Intern, Dublin
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