8.7 / 10

(based on 7 ratings in 2019)


"Senior management are very friendly and you get great exposure to them in my role. The social culture is very good here (a social calendar is sent out each month) and monthly trips include Galway overnight stays, Mourne mountains walks, art classes and a Thursday club where the firm pays for a few drinks once a month on a Thursday."
HR, Entry level, Newry
"I have only experienced an engaging culture in both London and New York through FD. There are regular events and the FD community strives hard to provide social and technical events throughout the year."
Mid level, New York
"The culture within FD is second to none. My intake was really friendly and we all became very close. We all get along so well that five of us are just back from a holiday together. Senior management has a great relationship with graduates, unlike many other companies where employees never have communication with seniors. Each month, a social event is organised in Newry in which many of the new intake get to know each other. Drinks vouchers are given out as a gesture from the company. On the last Friday of each month, Friday treats vouchers are distributed and employees dress down to raise money for charity."
Graduate, Newry
"First Derivatives is very open and there is a strong sense of community. The phrase 'work hard, play hard' comes to mind. While everyone gives 110% at work, everyone likes to have a good time and there are real friendships outside of a working relationship as well."
Mid level, Newry, NI
"FD places a lot of emphasis on work/life balance, with lots of sports and social activities, as well as a well-being initiative."
Mid level, Newry
"FD has a very flat culture. Senior members of staff are always keen to help graduates on the training programme with both their theoretical online modules and also their practical work on projects. Upon starting FD, graduates are assigned a mentor who will be a familiar point of contact both throughout the training programme and after graduation. Mentors are employees who have completed the training programme and who will have experienced similar challenges to grads on the programme. They will check in with graduates every month to ensure everything is running smoothly. There is a huge focus at FD on ensuring employees are enjoying themselves. Events, such as evening drinks, go-karting, football, bowling and overnight trips are organised every month and this is the case for all regions internationally."
Graduate, London


"There's a social, young and lively culture as well as a flat structure and very little hierarchy. Senior management are very approachable and social."
Human Resources, Graduate, Newry
"The culture at FD is excellent. There is a young workforce with an emphasis on socialising after work. There's lots of team work involved in our training and client work. I have also experienced exposure to senior management."
Graduate, Dublin
"We have a work-hard play-hard culture with lots of social nights out and team bonding activities."
Graduate, Stockholm
"We're decentralised and the company has the feeling of a family that knows how to mix work and social life very well."
Human Resources, Entry level, Newry
"There are lots of social activities planned by the company but also many planned by the staff themselves. It's a very sociable organisation."
Graduate, Dublin
"We have a very positive and social culture."
Entry level, Newry


"The culture at First Derivatives is very young and vibrant. We are a very social company and there are always events being organised. FD ensures to always take care of their employees especially when they are on client site. I am currently on-site in Toronto where we have a monthly meeting with dinner and drinks. As well as company organised events, there are many other social events organised such as baseball games, sailing and ski trips in the winter time."
Midlevel, Toronto
"The company culture is great. There are large groups of staff in all major cities and we socialise a lot outside of work. We also live in corporate housing so it is perfect for recent grads."
Finance, Experienced, New York
"As a consultant, your hours and office culture will vary depending on the client you're with, but the actual culture within First Derivatives is very good. Your first two years will include completing the Options Programme which is the FD training programme, you'll need to work hard at these modules whilst also working for a client, so at times you'll have quite a lot on, but it's a very social company and you're well looked after. You'll live with a few other FDer's, usually in central accommodation, everyone eats out together and you'll instantly have a group of friends from the FD circles to hang out with in a new city."
Capital Markets, Midlevel, Sydney
"In office there is a hard-working culture based on learning new skills and meeting clients needs with a strong support network. After-hours employees socialise together, especially if they are in placed in an international city."
Midlevel, Montreal
"In the office people are friendly and there is a relaxed atmosphere. Outside of work there is a great night-life and many sporting events weekly."
Graduate, Newry
"There is a good atmosphere in the office and it is easy to work in cooperation with colleagues. There are also great opportunities to socialise and get to know each other after-hours."
Graduate, Newry
"The company promote social activities; there's always something to do, whether it's a free bar or a football game. As it is mostly grads at the same age everyone sees each other as equals, and with people being from different disciplines we all are keen to learn off each other. It is a very friendly atmosphere."
Investment Banking, Intern, Newry
"Management are very down to earth and approachable. They are understanding and have quite a laid back attitude. The environment in the office is relaxed and friendly. We are a very young company, so there are plenty of nights out planned, especially during the summer months when new staff join the team."
Property, Experienced, Newry
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