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Culture (graduates)

8.2 / 10

(based on 56 ratings in 2014)

How would you describe your firm’s culture both in the office and after hours?


"I have found that there is good communication and teamwork between each team member on the shift and sister shifts. Each quarter there is a team bonding session outside of work which is good for socialising."
Graduate, Leixlip
"The company is fairly flat, with only a few levels of hierarchy, there is a good sense of teamwork and a collegiate atmosphere."
Graduate, Dublin
"Intel has a very fast paced and efficient work environment. The company is quite structured but much of my work involves co-operating with other teams."
Graduate, Leixlip
"Teamwork is key within Intel, you will not succeed unless you can work as a team. Socially, most employees are active, but due to the drive for teamwork, there can be a bit of a cliquey-nature to social outings."
Graduate, Leixlip
"All of the people in our team get along very well both in the lab and at breaks. Everyone is genuinely friendly with each other and will help anyone else at a moment's notice (when able)."
Graduate, Leixlip
"Hierarchy is virtually non-existent as managers, engineers and technicians don`t have a designated area and all work in the same area. I have always found that people treat each other equally and with respect."
Graduate, Leixlip
"Socialising is fantastic and many activities are organised outside office hours if you wish to partake."
Graduate, Leixlip
"There is a culture of hard work at Intel with many putting in long hours. The people here are, (for the most part), very nice and sociable; there's a good spirit here. In general people are knowledgeable about their work roles and if you have a problem there's always someone there to help out. My manager is very approachable and everyone in my group works really well as a team. Socially the company put on quite a lot of events (such as quarterly meals/drinks), Christmas parties, discounted cinema nights, etc."
Graduate, Leixlip
"Everybody works very hard to meet the module and factory goals. There is a certain amount of hierarchy and structure in the company: everybody has a manager. The manager helps everybody to set training goals and reminds them to look after their health. Most people are very friendly and co-operative. It is a very professional working environment where goals are set and met."
Graduate, Leixlip
"Each team member is willing to help each other and there is strong co-operation between other teams. When a social event is organized everyone is encouraged to go and to participate."
Graduate, Leixlip

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