7.2 / 10

(based on 82 ratings in 2015)


"The organisation has a very flat structure and this is clear from the way that senior management treat everyone from graduates to the senior leadership team. Everyone is valued and so are their ideas, there is a great community spirit and everyone pulls together to achieve the best solution for the customer. There is a great social scene both in work and outside of work and everyone is very friendly and welcoming."
Graduate, Naas
"There is a sense of togetherness where we all try to help each other the best we can. The team environment can feel relaxed and so is less pressured. My team socialises occasionally, and we never miss an opportunity to celebrate a birthday."
Graduate, Naas
"There is a very young workforce and we have a good social circle outside of working hours. In work there is a clear structure of the hierarchy and at what level people are at. Amongst my own team there are many displays of cooperation and teamwork."
Graduate, Naas
"The company offers relatively good work/life balance, gives freedom with organising most of the working time as long as desired outcome of work is delivered. There is a good level of socialising, and a low level of hierarchy, which encourages easy communication between all employees."
Entry level, Singapore
"The culture here is open, honest and fast-paced, with lots of change, making Kerry an exciting place to be."
Entry level, Cork
"Culture is very good at Kerry, and the social aspect is very good, especially with graduates. There is a flat hierarchy so that anyone is approachable."
Graduate, Naas
"Everyone I work with is very sociable and will always try to aid any queries you may have. Cross functional relationships are good and you can communicate with senior management easily."
Graduate, Listowel
"My team get on very well. We are young and always adapting, as the team is new to the business as well. We socialise out of work regularly and get rewarded generously for hard work."
Graduate, Naas
"There is a very flat structure, and easy access to management at Kerry. Teamwork and a good social life with other colleagues are also prevalent."
Graduate, Coleraine
"Our office has a great atmosphere, and it is a pleasure to come to work every day. When we do have social events everyone takes part: they are a great opportunity to get to know each other."
Graduate, Kildare
"There are great employees on-site who become firm friends. Everybody tries to help one another whenever they can and genuinely care about their colleagues. There is a fantastic network of people build up through the graduate programme itself and the mentor programme."
Graduate, Leeds
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