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(based on 32 ratings in 2016)

How would you describe your firm’s culture both in the office and after hours?


"In the office, we have a culture of high performance and delivery. We are expected to meet these requirements. After hours, we have many different drinks and learning events. Typically, we can meet our peers here and discuss our experiences."
Entry level, Dublin
"There is a very positive culture in Accenture – everyone is more than willing to help and answer any questions. Accenture hold events frequently and this creates a very positive atmosphere."
Graduate, Dublin
"The culture within Accenture is one of the best things about the company. There are constantly different kinds of events on all of the time, filled with analysts right up to MDs. There are many sports trips, baking demonstrations and after-work drinks organised. The work hours aren't too long and I find I have a great work/life balance. We have great access to senior management in the department that I work in within Accenture, which is important."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"There's a great culture of teamwork in the office. There are social clubs and, every few weeks, we have socialising events as well. Everyone has been very pleasant and kind to me since I joined."
Graduate, Dublin
"When asked, colleagues are pleased to offer advice."
Graduate, Dublin
"The culture within Accenture is why people love to work here. Despite all of its employees being spread across various locations, there are numerous events run regularly that afford employees the chance to meet one another."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"Accenture's culture is one of its best assets. Managers are more like mentors and your colleagues are all friends. Everyone feels included and the workforce is very diverse."
Graduate, Dublin
"There's a strong culture and everyone pitches in to help with getting the job done, no matter what's required."
Graduate, Dublin
"The firm is cooperative, social, collaborative and helpful."
Graduate, Dublin
"What I love about Accenture is that the majority of people are open, friendly and overall great individuals to be around. I have made some life-long friends here. The downside to the culture is that, the longer people tend to be here, the less diverse the points of view tend to be."
Graduate, Dublin

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