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8.0 / 10

(based on 49 ratings in 2015)


"A&L Goodbody is extremely meritocratic. The proportion of males to females is close to 50:50 and there does not appear to be many obstacles to promotion for women. The culture is diverse and very open."
Third year trainee, Dublin
"From my experience and the people I've got to know in my firm I feel there is strong emphasis on building a diverse network of people within the firm."
Second year trainee, Dublin
"In my experience the firm is open-minded, and recruits and promotes based on merit. Women are reasonably well-represented in the partnership and I never feel that being a female or my age will hold me back."
First year trainee, Dublin
"The firm is improving in its diversity. There is still a gap between the amount of female partners and male partners but this gap is closing. The firm has recently introduced working from home for more senior positions which is very encouraging."
Second year trainee, Dublin
"In terms of diversity, A&L Goodbody recognise that individuals with different experiences, backgrounds and attitudes bring different perspectives and ideas to the organisation."
Third year trainee, Dublin
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