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8.8 / 10

(based on 26 ratings in 2016)


"Quite good. They place an emphasis on hiring women and have won best LGBT employer this year as well as having a range of other initiatives. However, there are still far more men than women in senior management roles. I would be interested to see how the gender pay gap fares at that level."
Graduate, Dublin
"Accenture is widely regarded as one of the most inclusive and forward-thinking workplaces in the world. In my experience, their commitment to diversity is unbeatable and every focus goes into making our workplace one that nurtures and fosters an open, understanding and accepting environment."
Graduate, Dublin
"LGBT employer of the year for a number of years and the host of Dublin's international women's day."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"Accenture have a lot of respect for women, ethnic minorities, and the LGBT community. I have seen a huge amount of effort being placed on increasing the number of women working in Accenture, which, as a woman, is lovely to see."
Graduate, Dublin
"It's very good on LGBT but there could be better representation of women in senior management. I'm not sure about ethnic minorities but I've never observed any prejudice."
Entry level, Dublin
"They just won an award for most inclusive company so they must be doing something right."
Graduate, Dublin
"It's very focused on male/female ratios and LGBT, which is great. One downside is that it doesn't focus as much on religious or ethnic diversity. Accenture puts a lot of emphasis on equality for women in the workplace and takes part in international women's day, which is a great success. The company also sponsors LGBT events, which is very important."
Graduate, Dublin
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