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5.8 / 10

(based on 60 ratings in 2015)


"There are peaks and troughs but no 'face-time' culture at all. An average day is a 7:00pm finish. There is no expectation for trainees to stay late unless there's a big closing on a deal approaching imminently."
Third year trainee, Dublin
"Working hours depend on the department that you are working in and the time of year. There will always be busy and quiet times, but in general the hours are longer than most jobs. While it can take some getting used to - the people you have around you make those late nights a lot easier."
Third year trainee, Dublin
"If you need to get out for a specific reason some evening then every effort will be made to accommodate you. However, on an average day, depending on the team, you may be expected to be available until 8:00/9:00pm."
Third year trainee, Dublin
"Hours vary depending on what projects are going on at the time. Some days you will not have much to do, and on others you will be rushed off your feet. On an average day I start a little before 9:00am and get out any time between 6:00pm and 7:30pm."
First year trainee, Dublin
"The hours vary depending on the team, the department and the time of the year. My current hours are long but teams are appreciative, and the work is very challenging and interesting. It is encouraged for you to leave on time when and as often as possible."
"Due to the department I work in my hours are very much project based. If a big transaction is going on, then long hours will be required. However, when there is a quiet period we are thoroughly encouraged to leave the office at a normal time. Overall I find that once your work is done, there is no requirement to be in late at all."
First year trainee, Dublin
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