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7.6 / 10

(based on 34 ratings in 2015)


"Working hours in my current role are very flexible, so you can choose to start 30 minutes earlier and leave earlier, for instance."
Graduate, Dublin
"Working hours can go through peaks and troughs - some months you work a lot of overtime, other months you don't work any overtime. The overtime can be tough but it doesn't last forever. The odd time, depending on the project, you can work from home."
Graduate, Dublin
"My working hours are 9:00am-5:30pm and are flexible enough as long as my work is done. I am lucky though as I would estimate that about 40% of roles end up doing an extra hour a day, but it is all paid for in overtime/time off."
Graduate, Dublin
"I am almost finished my first project with Accenture. The project deadlines were aggressive which involved working long hours often. It feels good to work hard, especially when you are given acknowledgement and get reach the finish line."
Graduate, Dublin
"Although my project goes through peaks and troughs, my employer is flexible with my hours. Where I show flexibility to work beyond the normal hours I feel that this is repaid and valued."
Entry level, Dublin
"Accenture is pretty flexible with working hours, and taking holidays and days off aren't an issue as long as there is notice. There is also the potential to work from home."
Graduate, Dublin
"My employer is flexible regarding work hours. As I travel each week for work I need to be flexible to catch trains/flights which my employer has no issue with. Generally I stick to the standard 37.5 hours per week, but occasionally have to work longer as the project requires."
Graduate, Dublin/Warwick
"Usually I finish up before 6:00pm - I have had few late nights so far, I consider myself a productive worker but the workload is not too intense. My manager is flexible enough in terms of starting in that it doesn't have to be an exact 9:00am start or 5:30pm finish."
Graduate, Dublin


"Hours all depend on the project. I worked very long hours on my last project, but with my current project it has been very manageable."
Graduate, Dublin
"Normally, I work late if I feel I am behind on a certain assignment. However, in order to be happier with my working hours, I know it is also up to me to make it clear when I am over-worked. This can be difficult when everyone on the project is consistently working just as hard as I am."
Midlevel, Dublin
"Effectively you work the hours you need to work to get the job done. I have had some really bad weeks where I've had to work into the night, but for the majority of my time work hours are between 8:30am and 6:00pm."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"Company is flexible with hours and understanding of outside commitments, but it is expected that you work overtime when needed, and depending on project that can be quite a lot."
Graduate, Dublin
"I work quite a lot of hours. I am happy to do this most of the time because I am not alone, it is always recognised and rewarded and never lasts for more than a few weeks. Furthermore we get paid overtime and have the option to take overtime as annual leave."
Graduate, Dublin
"The company can be quite flexible on hours - working from home can sometimes be an option depending on your role."
Graduate, Dublin
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