8.6 / 10

(based on 16 ratings in 2016)


"My base hours are 39 per week but my workload sometimes dictates that I work above this."
Graduate, Galway
"In this industry, hours will change each week due to project timelines and problems arising. They usually fluctuate around the 40 hours mark. They are also very accommodating with flexi-time and giving hours back for a day off if needed."
Graduate, Galway
"It depends on what you're working on and what the week is like. The hours are usually reasonable but there can be long weeks."
Entry level, Galway
"Fairly flexible but they can depend on your supervisor. You can work around the core hours and get a half-day on a Friday."
Entry level, Galway
"I work a 39 hour week. There is a flexi-time system in place where you have core hours that you must work each week but you make up the rest of the time around them. The early finish on Fridays is a great plus!"
Entry level, Galway
"I work eight hours a day generally. My employer is quite flexible about what time I start and finish so long as I complete the eight hours."
Graduate, Clonmel Co. Tipperary
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