Serious Character Wanted

In a few words


"Empowering, fun, unique."
Marketing, Graduate, Tokyo, Japan
"True professionals who are ambitious about their company and their brands!"
Marketing, Graduate, Cork, Galway and Dublin
"Creative, bold, daring, convivial and encouraging."
Marketing, Graduate, Nantes, France
"Flexible, agile, innovative and empowering."
Graduate, Johannesburg, South Africa
"International, unpretentious, friendly-environment!"
Graduate, Bucharest, Romania
"Evolving, passionate, exciting."
Marketing, Graduate, Hamburg, Germany
"Fun-loving, encouraging and supportive."
Marketing, Graduate, Nicosia, Cyprus
"Motivated, perfectionist, inquisitive, exciting."
Marketing, Graduate, Nairobi, Kenya
"Creative, innovative, unique, supportive!"
Marketing, Graduate, Lyon, France
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