Interview Process


"I had two interviews at HQ with HR staff this was followed by one logic test taken at HQ and one challenging, technical phone interview."
Graduate, Newry
"The application process for me was one of the simplest. There was no two-three hour long application. I submitted my CV and answered a few questions, which was then followed up by a phone interview and then once successful, an on-site interview in Newry."
Midlevel, Toronto
"Candidates have to meet minimal education requirements before reaching the interview stage. When selected for interview you have to attend the head office in Newry where you are interviewed by several (three-four) people who assess both your personality and skills."
Finance, Experienced, New York
"I completed an online application, which was followed by a phone interview and another interview/assessment day in the office."
Graduate, Newry
"There was an interview day in the office involving two one-on-one interviews, a group task and a logic test. This was followed up by a phone interview with one of the managers involving logic questions."
Graduate, Newry
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