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Interview Process (graduates)

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What form did the interview process take? What kind of questions were you asked in your interview?


"Firstly there was an online numerical and verbal competency test. This was followed by a panel interview and finally a group presentation."
Graduate, Dublin
"The process is as follows: round one is a written application; round two is aptitude tests; round three is an interview and a valuations exam; round four is a group task and presentation."
Graduate, Dublin
"The process I went through was extremely long with a number of interviews, assessments, drinks receptions, etc."
Graduate, Dublin
"There were five stages for the interviewing process."
Graduate, Dublin
"Initially, you send off a CV; if successful you complete an online assessment. Candidates are then called for an interview, then for a drinks reception to meet current staff to see how they integrate. If successful, candidates are called back to do a presentation in front of directors and associates."
Graduate, Cork
"It is a tough interview process, personally I completed online tests then had a face-to-face interview followed by a valuation exam. The final process was a group presentation. I think it is good that there are various stages so as to highlight peoples weaknesses and strengths across different fields. For example, a lot of work is teamwork based, so it gives people candidates a chance to show their qualities through various different methods."
Graduate, Dublin

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