Serious Character Wanted

Interview Process

7.6 / 10

(based on 16 ratings in 2014)


"The process begins with a three minutes video about yourself, followed by two full assessment days that leave you mentally and physically exhausted - all worth it though."
Marketing, Graduate, Austin, Texas
"The initial online application takes a little bit of time, with all of the usual application requirements, as well as a video requirement. This is followed by two assessment centres, both of which include interviews, group work, and individual presentations."
Marketing, Graduate, Tokyo, Japan
"If one is successful with the video/written application, they will be invited to attend an assessment centre. Here they will be tested on their presentation and teamwork skills, as well as sitting an interview. The second round assessment has a similar format but with three, more thorough, interviews."
Marketing, Graduate, Manchester
"The interview process as a whole is pretty long and challenging. In order to get this job you must have patience and always be on your top game. I'm not saying this to scare or intimidate anybody, but this is simply a job that many people apply for and only a select group get. You must be outgoing in your interviews and assessments, show professionalism, and most importantly prove that you bring something unique to the table!"
Marketing, Graduate, Cork, Galway and Dublin
"Jameson really look for the cream of the crop for their ambassadors, the interviews are full day assessments with presentations, group assessments, language assessments and various types of interviews. It is a great experience and they definitely keep you on your toes."
Marketing, Graduate, Nantes, France
"My interview process involved me translating my CV into Chinese mandarin. I was then called for an interview, which was mainly about the interviewers getting to know me and what I could bring to the table if I was sent to China. I was called for second interview which was more intense with on the spot questions and tough predicaments that I may find myself in in market."
Graduate, Shanghai, China
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