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Interview Process (graduates)

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(based on 45 ratings in 2014)

What form did the interview process take? What kind of questions were you asked in your interview?


"The application process consisted of two interview sections, behavioural and technical. Each were 45 minutes long, discussed college work and how you would react in different situations."
Graduate, Dublin
"I had a phone interview followed by a regular interview."
Graduate, Leixlip
"I had a behavioural interview consisting of different questions where you would have to give an example of when you were in a certain situation, for example: teamwork, problem solving, communication, etc. Then there was a practical interview which involved identifying electrical, pneumatic components, etc. The latter also required me to describe electrical or mechanical systems from start to finish - including the different parts in the systems - pumps, motors, etc."
Graduate, Leixlip
"I had two different interviews. One was about what I had done to date and my experiences. The second was a practical test with multiple choice engineering questions and practical tasks."
Graduate, Dublin
"I was quizzed on my scientific research, and asked some key questions to determine my scientific competence. I was also asked questions about times when I had to listen and times I had to work as a part of a team. I did not have to take any aptitude tests."
Graduate, Dublin
"I found the interview process to be a fairly easy process, as the interviewers didn't make you feel under pressure and spoke as if it was a casual chat more than a formal interview."
Graduate, Leixlip
"I thought the behavioural interview was a very relaxed interview and the two interviewers HR made me feel at ease. The technical interview was a bit more intense as you needed to do a written test and a technical presentation as well as a practical test."
Graduate, Leixlip

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