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Interview Process


"Accenture have a three-round interview process. Last round consists of three hours of various different types of interview and case studies."
Graduate, Dublin
"There was a competitive interview process that consisted of four interviews over two rounds when I joined. This follows an extensive online application and initial HR screening."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"Interview process is really structured and you are well prepared, although it is a bit long compared to other companies. It's a very fair process with a high standard of criteria."
Graduate, Dublin
"There are three stages to the application process; 1. Online application and CV to be submitted 2. First round interview with Manager at Accenture. There are two parts to this stage; one 45-minute competency based interview and a 20-minute case study with HR representative. This stage requires the candidate to demonstrate they have the desired competencies (leadership, teamwork, problem solving, communication) and are also able to work through a problem (the case study) in a structured, logical way. 3. Final round interview involves three parts; competency interview with a Senior Manager (more intense version of that at second stage), case study with a HR representative (similar to first round) and an interview with a Managing Director (to identify whether the candidate is a good 'fit' for Accenture)."
Strategy, Graduate, Dublin
"The application for the graduate programme is as follows: firstly there is an online assessment. If you are selected after this you will have a first round interview for 40 mins. If you get through this round you will have a final round interview for three hours with three different interviews. Two with Accenture leadership and one case study."
Graduate, Cork
"One application. One interview with a manager. One interview with a senior manager. Interview with a Managing Director and a case study with a HR rep."
Entry level, Dublin
"The interview process is fair. There is an online application, an initial interview and then a final three-round interview. The first interview is competency based, with the final round a combination of a Managing Director interview, competency based interview and a fact-finding exercise."
Midlevel, Dublin
"The interview process is quite tough as there are quite a few questions asked that you could not prep for."
Graduate, Dublin
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