Interview Questions


"It was Kx suite heavy. I would recommend reading about Q/KDB+ and even practising with the language beforehand."
Mid level, New York
"The interview was quite relaxed, HR is very friendly and likes to get a feel for your personality. I was asked about my degree, programming languages that I studied and what I knew about FD. I was also asked about my predicted university results and my A level subjects and results."
Graduate, Newry
"Why FD? What do you know about the training programmes? Why choose a career in the fintech industry? What transferable skills do you have?"
Mid level, Newry, NI
"Tell me about your understanding of First Derivatives. Why should we hire you? What attracted you to apply to FD?"
Mid level, Newry
"Questions focused on my CV and skills and some competency and scenario questions were asked. There was quite a big focus on what I could tell them about the company, the markets it operates in and its subsidiaries."
Graduate, London


"I was asked a lot of questions about myself and my understanding of FD."
Graduate, Dublin
"What are your biggest weaknesses and strengths? Tell me about a time you used good communication skills. Tell me about FD."
Graduate, Stockholm
"I had competency questions followed by research questions into the company."
Human Resources, Entry level, Newry
"The interview questions weren't technical and were more focused on me and my CV."
Graduate, Dublin


"I was asked: what do you know about the company? Why are you interested in the finance industry? Do you have programming experience? Are you willing to travel? Why not do a PhD? And various tough technical questions."
Graduate, Newry
"You have to have a firm grasp of what the company does. Candidates are asked to talk about their degree, past experience and why they are interested in the role."
Property, Experienced, Newry
"I was asked some company questions, financial questions as well as some questions about my willingness to travel. As part of the job it is very important that the applicant is happy to travel and live in different cities."
Midlevel, Toronto
"I was asked general questions about my background and education. I was put into a group to review a marketing document and to answer questions."
Finance, Experienced, New York
"Questions included: what does First Derivatives do? Describe yourself in 3 words. Why would I want to work for the company?"
HR, Intern, Newry
"Why do you think you are suitable for First Derivatives? What previous experience do you think would help you in the company? Discuss challenges you have overcome. What was a time you failed and had to recover?"
Graduate, Newry
"I was asked a range of questions on my education and previous professional experience. There were also a few questions about my personal interests and why I had chosen FD. Finally there were a few questions on the financial markets."
Entry level, Montreal
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