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Interview Questions


"There were several questions about past work experience, some scenario based questions, questions about my own personal experiences, and finally, how I fit the brand."
Marketing, Graduate, Lyon, France
"Some questions that I was asked ranged from: 'tell me about a time when you have shown leadership skills? Why do you think you are right for the job? What would you do if you were hosting an event and all your guests had turned up but you had no Jameson?'"
Marketing, Graduate, Madrid, Spain
"The interviewer asked me: If you were at an event and you ran out of Jameson, what would you do (there are no local shops open, you can't get a taxi/run home to pick some up, etc.)?"
Marketing, Graduate, Tokyo, Japan
"In the interview I was asked: what annoys you? What makes you different from everybody else at the assessment centre? Why do you want this job? Tell us about a time when you were creative/ innovative."
Marketing, Graduate, Manchester
"Questions included: why do you want to work as a Jameson ambassador? What do you think is going to be the most challenging part of this job if it is offered to you? What is it about yourself that you think makes you more qualified to be a brand ambassador than anybody else? What is a finance major doing applying for a marketing and promotion job?"
Marketing, Graduate, Cork, Galway and Dublin
"There were a lot of situational questions such as 'if you walked into a bar, how would you approach the manager/staff to convince them to stock Jameson?' The questions are there to put you on the spot and make you think on your feet."
Marketing, Graduate, Nantes, France
"I was asked about my understanding of the South African market, and the differences between marketing, sales and trade marketing."
Graduate, Johannesburg, South Africa
"I was asked to talk about my ideas for the brand, and to give examples of how I can show the company values, etc."
Graduate, Dublin and Helsinki
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